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Chef's Table


The Chef's Table is a kitchen-side immersive dining experience which is served by our team of talented young chefs. Each tasting is specially designed for you and your group to share in family style format.  You will be right in the heart of all the action as the Chef's Table is located at the kitchen pass.

A private yet charming experience which also allows you the opportunity to partake in a 3 or 5oz wine pairings, curated by our sommelière. Keep it classic with our favourite established French appellations or dive into the wonderful world of natural and organic wine.

Advance notice of allergies & dietary restrictions is required. Ideal for party sizes of 4 to a maximum of 6 guests. Cancellation policy applies.

Let Chef Feed You

A wonderful introduction to Gitanes restaurant. Offerings will include dishes and ingredients we currently have on the menu as well as newly curated selections.


per person

Elevated Chef's Tasting

Ingredients are sourced specifically for your group and advanced techniques and attention to detail can be executed. This allows our talented kitchen team to really get creative.

A wonderful experience if you have already dined at Gitanes and are looking for the next level.


per person

To book your
Chef's Table Experience
contact us at 
613-562-0699 or

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